Sitemap - 2022 - The Freedom Corner with PeterSweden

Now they are BLOCKING the sun to stop climate change.

INSANE: British cops arrest woman for praying silently

Funeral homes sounding the alarm – Massive increase in deaths

This new climate change rule is extremely Orwellian.

CRIMINAL - COVERUP of mRNA vaccine side effects says British MP

I just got canceled.

Now they want to ban electric cars to save energy.

VIDEO: Farmers in UPROAR – Netherlands to SEIZE 3000 farms to meet climate goals

Norway: Vaccine researcher WARNING about the booster

HUGE - Norway does massive U-turn on boosters...

THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU THIS - Almost 30% LESS covid infections with vitamin D

You were lied to again.

The insane CLIMATE HYPOCRISY of the elite

Something weird is happening with newborn deaths and miscarriages...

SHOCKING - Finnish covid deaths OVER REPORTED by 62%

Doctors sounding the alarm - Mysterious rise in excess deaths...

IT'S COMING - Digital currency tied to your digital ID

INSANE - This is essentially CLIMATE LOCKDOWN

Norway: Court rules covid border controls were ILLEGAL after 6 months

This sounds an awful lot like a Social Credit Score...

Dutch state could FORCE buyouts of 600 farmers within a year to meet climate goals

Bill Gates push for DIGITAL ID with $1.27 billion donation to Agenda 2030 ”Global Goals”

Electric ferry runs out of battery – Rescued by fossil fuel police boat

You WON’T BELIEVE what just happened to this Swedish woman...

Are you ready for digital euro currency?

Schools are now feeding BUGS to children

Are you realizing what is happening yet?

VIDEO: 70 000 protesting against EU and energy prices in Czechia

VIDEO: Farmers protest spreading to Belgium and Germany

SHOCK LEAD for Swedish right-wing party

Bank to stop giving loans to fossil fuel cars…

Something weird is happening with the excess death rate.

World Economic Forum: ”rational reasons” to put tracking chips in children

Denmark to stop general offer of covid vaccine to children

Record low birthrate in Norway this year

Netherlands to SHUT DOWN 11 200 farms to meet climate goals

Wind turbines killing 1.2 TRILLION insects a year

The credit card that tracks your CO2 emissions.

In feminist Sweden, women get fined for carrying pepper spray

Something weird is happening with the birth rates.

Energy rationing has arrived in Germany...

VIDEO: Dutch police shot at protesting farmer

VIDEO: Dutch farmers spray manure on town hall in protest of climate plans

The Truth About The Swedish BOMBING Crisis

China using covid passports to stop protests

The Global Elite are trying to deplatform me using lies.

Now they want a climate tax on cow burps and farts

Pharma chief caught with fake covid passport

TOO FAR: Norway wants to track citizens food purchases

The truth about digital ID

We can not allow tyranny

Sweden allows for restrictions to stop monkeypox

BREAKING: Sweden reports first case of monkeypox

Today all of Norway celebrates freedom

Unprecedented: Card payments stopped working all across Norway

IT’S COMING: Digital ID with facial recognition

My story: The price of freedom

All new EU cars to be fitted with speed limiters

The truth about the Swedish rape crisis.

IT’S COMING: France announces digital ID

Denmark SUSPENDS covid vaccination program

Confirmed infections down 98% after Sweden removed restrictions

People are now paying with microchips in their hand.

VIDEO: The riots in Sweden.

Free speech and religion on trial in Finland.

Ask me anything.

FREEDOM: Italy will begin SCRAPPING restrictions

The truth about Communist persecution that you don’t get to hear about.

Austria SUSPENDS mandatory covid vaccination

Restrictions quietly being removed…

Sweden REMOVED all restrictions. Covid infections COLLAPSED.

HUGE: New Zealand High Court rule vaccine mandate for Police and Defence Force unlawful

Did you notice the news stopped talking about this...?

Have you heard about the ”gesundheitspass”?

England announces plan to ”live with covid”

FREEDOM: Switzerland removed most restrictions

Iceland to REMOVE all restrictions.

French senators calling for FREEDOM

Norway removes almost all restrictions

I’m being censored by Twitter.

FREEDOM: Sweden removed restrictions

Why is the media not talking about this?

The hypocrisy of GoFundMe is backfiring.

Ask Me Anything!

Scandinavian countries REMOVING restrictions

Why have they ignored the freedom protests in Europe for 6 months?

Canadian truckers are inspiring freedom everywhere.