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HUGE: I met the German farmers protesting climate agenda

Watch my video report on the ground from the German farmers protest.

It happened.

For several months now, farmers all over Europe have been protesting against tyrannical climate policies.

New climate policies like increase in fuel costs means that it will became even harder for already struggling farmers to make ends meet.

Tens of thousands of farmers all over Europe have been taking to the streets in protest, with farmers blocking the motorways in several countries.

I went to Germany to speak with the farmers myself and find out what is going on - To bring you the REAL news that the mainstream media is hiding.

Last year I traveled to the Netherlands to report on the farmers protests that began there. The state talked about essentially SEIZING thousands of farms to meet new 2030 climate goals. You can read all about that in my previous article here:

Despite massive protests, the mainstream media has mostly ignored the farmers. If it wasn't for independent journalists like me, most people wouldn't even know what was going on!

I met with several protesters, and they told me that it is not only farmers protesting now. Truckers and even taxi drivers have joined in on the protests.

The protesters I met had occupied a bridge above the autobahn, and I could see MASSIVE public support. Almost non-stop there were trucks or cars passing by that were honking their horns and flashing their headlights in support. The media won't show you this.

The farmers I spoke with told me that they were protesting against things like higher diesel taxes and CO2 taxes. Essentially, they are protesting against the climate agenda. For them it is about their livelihood.

Where does all this come from? Well, you might have heard about Agenda 2030. In it, countries have signed up to follow different "global goals", one of which is "climate action".

So the emissions have to be reduced since they all signed up to follow this agenda.

Did you know that Bill Gates recently donated a whopping $1.27 BILLION towards funding these "global goals"? You can read my investigation into that here:

The mainstream media is ignoring the farmers protests, something that might not surprise you when you learn that Bill Gates has donated over $319 million to the media, including the BBC.

So I'm on the ground to bring you the real news that is being censored.

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