May 4 • 51M

How WOKE is Iceland? | w/ Margret Friðriksdóttir | The FreedomCast Ep. 7

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Peter Imanuelsen
PeterSweden is a freedom loving journalist giving insightful commentary on the important issues of today. In the FreedomCast we interview interesting guests to talk about important topics that the mainstream media is refusing to cover.
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In this latest edition of The FreedomCast podcast I'm joined by an Icelandic lady who tells us how the situation was there with the covid lockdowns, how the woke agenda is happening even there, and more.

Yes, even the small country of Iceland is not immune to the leftist propaganda.

I had the pleasure of meeting Margret at the Spotlight Conference in Stavanger a few weeks ago, and it was great to be able to record this episode with her.

Make sure to check out her news site to keep up with what is happening in Iceland:

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