Mar 6 • 1HR 29M

The WEF agenda with Noor Bin Ladin – The FreedomCast Ep. 1

You don’t want to miss this amazing conversation I had with my first special guest, Noor Bin Ladin.

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PeterSweden is a freedom loving journalist giving insightful commentary on the important issues of today. In the FreedomCast we interview interesting guests to talk about important topics that the mainstream media is refusing to cover.
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Welcome to my new podcast, The FreedomCast. I will be having regular interviews with people on many important issues so I hope you will become a supporter of this show.

My first special guest is, Noor Bin Ladin. She was at Davos this year for the WEF meeting and has been working to expose the globalist agenda for years.

You can also watch the video version of this interview on my Rumble channel!

In this interview we talk about globalism, the World Economic Forum and how they are planning to control your lives with ever increasing tyranny and surveillance. Just imagine a future where you are forced to have a digital ID tied to a digital wallet with central bank digital currencies. And add a carbon credit score on top of that.

Noor also tells us about the WHO pandemic treaty and how they are planning on taking away the sovereignty of nation states and handing it over to a group of unelected elites.

I do hope you enjoy this conversation, I know I did.

Go and check out Noor’s website and follow her on social media:


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