Mar 20 • 1HR 14M

The Globalist Attack on Masculinity with Raw Egg Nationalist - The FreedomCast Ep. 2

Falling testosterone levels. Soyboys everywhere. What is going on?

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Peter Imanuelsen
PeterSweden is a freedom loving journalist giving insightful commentary on the important issues of today. In the FreedomCast we interview interesting guests to talk about important topics that the mainstream media is refusing to cover.
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Have you wondered why we are constantly seeing masculinity being attacked in the way it is? We are constantly seeing men being attacked in the media and testosterone levels are falling by 1% every year. That is really bad.

Weak men create hard times.

For this second episode of The FreedomCast podcast, I’m joined by Raw Egg Nationalist who was featured in the Tucker Carlson documentary “End of men” to talk about how the globalist agenda and how it plays into health and the masculinity crisis.

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