Thank you Peter! It was great meeting you in Norway.

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Quite. In the industry we eventually call it Quality Assurance to cover every aspect from purchasing from reliable suppliers to labelling the end product etc.

The DNA in the vials comes from the E.coli they say they used to generate the mRNA. This DNA (fragments or whatever) can become incorporated into dividing cells. And in whom do we find rapidly dividing cells? Babies, children and the young. No validation was performed on the manuf of the large scale batches and what was produced for the public bears NO relationship with what was used in the clinical trials...and they were bad enough!

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They’re used to murder 6 billion by 2050 but now since nobody’s taking jabs anymore, they’re poisoning the blood supply with mRNA so if in an accident or have a routine med procedure and need a transfusion, we’re dead from cancer in 5 years. Stay frosty and join Unjected Blood.‬

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This operation by Big Pharma was completely intentional.

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, said on WEF stage with Klaus Schwab, “we are on track to eliminate half the world’s population by 2023.” The audience cheered and applauded . . .

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Apr 26·edited Apr 26

When you farm out production to DARPA/DOD. Remember this was a military operation. QA/QC was completely FUBAR. DNA plasmids and other goodies. As for graphene, Jikkyleaks on Twitter thinks it may be a background contamination due to the microscopy. Whatever. Lethal is lethal.

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You conclude:

" . . . they did a bad job when producing the shots."


. . . when you refer to the completely DIFFERENT ingredients in different batches of the same vials:

You write

"BOMBSHELL: Unknown contaminants in mRNA shots

Turns out that most side effects come from the same batches."


But WHAT if you're wrong - WHAT if this disaster has been produced with FULL EVIL INTENTION - to do this for the reason of perfect CAMOUFLAGE of their HIGH-CRIME of MASS-MURDER with the EVIL purpose of CRIMINAL DEPOPULATION ?

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Follow the work done by Kevin McKernan, he has sequenced multiple vials from Pfizer. I suspect this is what Sasha is referencing. When he discussed finding intact plasmids (for transforming the EColi to produce the mRNA as a byproduct) I was absolutely stunned. I don't expect much from Pharma, but that level of incompetence is inexcusable.

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‪The DS won’t quit until we’re dead or drugged. If not the jabs, they’ll kill us with a tainted mRNA blood supply so if in an accident, we’re immunocompromised. If vaxxed, please sign up at Unjected Blood as a RECIPIENT. Stay FROSTY brothers and sisters.‬


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I believe it was Sasha Latypova who was explaining some months ago that they processed batches in massive vats for which proper quality control was not possible, and they knew it. This would explain the varying quality of batches.....

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Also the is a Dr Bryan Artiss who has discovered that labs have been able to cultivate and replicate venoms n labs by growing them in E. coli and yeast and make large batches. Everything from karate snakes sea snails and a European poisonous porcupine.. these toxins are found in these vaccines- helps explain a lot of neuro disorders associated with the shots

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Isn't this because the mRNA vaccines were manufactured at a massive scale that guaranteed some batches would be fouled? And wasn't the Defense Department overseeing all of this manufacturing?

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Interesting. Thank you for reporting this. Also, a good interview :) Regarding the jabs, I myself tend to shy away from the topic when talking with people. I am one of the few unjabbed in my social circle, and 99% of my acquaintances have been completely fine. So, ignoring the uproved 1%, they still think I am the wacky one. But, this would explain a lot in terms of why some have no issues, some severe. And also, even though we'd all like to move on, this issue cannot just be let behind. It is essential to future shaping of medical and personal freedom. So, thank you again.

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Dr. Robert Malone,

Mr. Steve Kirsch,

Dear Steve,

There Are Bodies Dropping To The Left Of You, And Bodies Dropping To The Right Of You, And You, And People Like You, Approach It Like It’s Some Kind Of Faculty Lounge Debate. And When I Say You - I Am Including Robert.

Astonishing Is What It Is.

You And He Are Still Trying To Explain To Others What You Don’t Yet Understand.

Which Brings Us To Malone, Our Beloved Robert. Robert’s Odyssey Is A Trilogy Really:

1. Lies My Government Told Me.

2. Lies I Believed.

3. Lies I Told Others.

None Of Which I Need To Read. Or Will. Until Maybe This Is All Over. And By Then I Doubt I Will Want To.

But I Have Today. And Have It I Will:

Myself, And Others Like Me, Are Stuck In The Boat With You. We Are Having To Do All Of The Rowing. While You Write Notes In Your Journal, Or Wave To The Other Boats. Preoccupied By The Lack Of Accommodations And A Concern For Who Sits Where. While Musing To Yourselves, And Yourselves Alone I Assure You, What Some Dead Fucker Said 1500 Years Ago.

I Will Tell You Boys This:

If You Fuckers Don’t Learn How To Fight. Or At Least How To Hit Clean And Stand Back, No One Is Going To Care What You Have To Say Ten Years From Now.

Doubt Me?

Look How Few Care Now.

I Will Keep Rowing. That’s What Guys Like Us Do. You Know Us When You See Us. But I Am Going To Keep Hitting You Upside The Head With My Oar Until We Get There.

And Bob, Stop Trying To Sue For Peace. Or To Figure Out How To Call Ahead And Announce Your Arrival. Do The Work. Not The Explaining.

We Are Going To Shore. Where We Will Join The Others. Many Who You Do Not Know. But You Will Know Them When You See Them Because They Smell Like Me. They Don’t Talk Like Me, I Have To Talk Like You. I Have To Talk Idiot For You To Understand.

Don’t Look At Me. Look Ahead. We Are Going To Shore. You Are Going To Shore. It’s Where The Fight Is.

I Love You.

But God Damnit Your Going To Learn How To Do This.

I Promised Your Mothers I’d Look Out For You.

For Fuck’s Sake.


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Yes, as is Robert Kennedy. I'm watching him speak right now in Hanover, NH. Gives me hope....

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