Bravo for one good step in the right direction, but how is a few thousand dollars supposed to replace a loved one? At least the admission of assumed liability is worth more to changing the system than ANY amount of financial compensation...

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As evidenced by such targets as reliable energy and food production, the game plan from the get-go has been reduction of human populations. "The carbon they want to reduce is you!"

Dennis Meadows, a prominent member of the Club of Rome, hopes the "necessary" depopulation of the planet, down to just one billion people—an 87.5% reduction from today's population—can "occur in a civil way".

Perhaps the best response to date: "You first."

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This is a great first step! This jab needs to be banned based on this. Very telling!

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Peter Halligan, are you familiar with the legal and medical patent work done by Dr. David Martin regarding the COVID criminality? His speeches are easy to find online. Rumble has several. Please check him out, and then share what you find with all of us who follow you. God bless you for your dedication to the truth!!!!

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And American still pushing this damn poison despite deaths and injuries. Canada says not a single person died from the poison vax.

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We just had a very good client (jabbed) from our business lose his 64 year old perfectly healthy wife (jabbed) from an aorta dissection. "Greg, I don't feel good" and she dropped dead on sunny Sunday morning right before her grandchildren were set to arrive. I don't think her husband would think $22,500 would do much for him right now.

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Our media silent, Imagine my surprise.

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FDA just approved the new shot, guess the US government (criminal)officials aren’t willing to see statistics yet

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Chump change AND you're dead. Big deal!

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The Pfizer 6 mo 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports revealed >1200 "adverse events of special interest" in its Appendix.

The governments of the West pursued the abrogation of ethics. No amount of their trivial pursuit paper or digital money will remedy the lying recalcitrance of politicians, bureaucrats and corporate business.


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22 K that's the cost of a human guinea pig's life? No way!

It wasn't an experiment. It was designed to kill

ONLY 90 days? about 90% of deaths happen afterwards!

They wanted a long fuse so people wouldn't relate the human culling to the bio-bomb.

Not vaccines but haccines (6x hack ... they love that satanic number):

1. They hacked cell DNA nucleus to produce lethal spike proteins and other lethal proteins forever (even the cells replacing them, because it was inserted in the DNA)

2. They hacked your cell DNA, including carcinogenic Simian Virus SV40 sequence.

3. They hacked your immune system by disarming and destroying it with HIV biotech inserted in the spike.

4. They hacked your body into a walking shrapnel bomb: you became a "vaccine shedder" to get your closest.1

5. They hacked you with para-magnetic carbon/graphene micro and nanotubes to turn environmental EMF into electricity to power nano-chips:

6. They hacked your body with nano-routers emitting BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), picked by your phone and retransmitted to DoD human-ID website server.

16 laws we need to exit Extermination Planet


If we don’t succeed, they’ll succeed with their 6-sword lethal plan fully exposed here:


Change goes in hand with the number of awakened! Thank you for sharing this to save lives!

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Would the fact that all "vaccines" are made by Jews surprise you?

Would it also surprise you to find out that no "virus" has ever been proven to exist?

Viruses are far from the first Jew fraud perpetrated on mankind.

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$22500 is an insult to someone who’s lost a family member. It’s like saying we know what we did but your dead family member only worth $22500 🙈 what if it’s a parent or god forbid a single parent and now they have no parent or the household has half the income. It’s such an insult. At least they’ve recognised the adverse events but wow that figure should be much much higher 🤷‍♂️

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Yes, more babies needed worldwide right now !

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It is wonderful that the families will be compensated if the person died within 90 days of receiving the covid-19 vaccination.

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Considering under the WEF, they want 500 million less "useless eaters" by 2050, I am not surprised by these statistics. Between the Covid jab, abortion, the MAIDS program in Canada, and the mutilation of our youth, they will succeed with some of that goal.

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