So if you don't want the state in Norway to spy on what food you eat, you will have to use cash. 1984 was supposed to be a documentary...

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Be very frightened. These steps inevitably lead to the state, or the private entity controlling the database & associated algorithms, having the ability to control absolutely everything.

If they don’t want you to buy pizza, you won’t be able to buy pizza.

If they want to ban travel further than 10km from your registered address, your payment method simply won’t work.

But it gets much darker.

They can at any time require that you receive a particular vaccination in order to maintain validity of your payment method.

Imaging that the “vaccination” is in fact a deliberately dangerous material?

You are sleepwalking into totalitarian tyranny, enabling depopulation.

I’m as sure as I can be that this will be your fate, if you permit this step.

I warned of exactly this over a year ago because there was no benign interpretation of what had already happened to date.

Many of the players involved have long, sometimes multigenerational interest in population control.

Watch out for misuse of those new terminals. I expect one possible misuse will be to require a customer to beep their vaccination status before the terminal will accept your card payment.

The developments outlined in this article is terrifyingly identical to the things I warned about.

People continue to pretend I’m a conspiracy theorist.

Folks: there IS a conspiracy. Nothing theoretical about it.

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Jun 9, 2022Liked by Peter Imanuelsen

Holy crap! Found an article about this in a German blog and came back here. This is horrible, I was thinking about moving to Norway. But now... not so sure anymore :/

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Start working on getting citizenship in another country as a backup plan. But Norwegians needs to push back. I'm curious -- How do Norwegians feel about this? Will grocery stores need to add new software to implement this or can they do this already?

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“They say it is important to find "regional, demographic, and social differences in food consumption". WHY is it important? Norwegians need to start asking questions and demand answers, not some ‘cause it’s important’ flim flam excuse to shove socialism down their throats

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UN Agenda 21-2030 GOALS


 One World Government

 One globally controlled cashless currency

 One global central bank

 One global military

 The end of national sovereignty

 End All privately owned properties (except some elites)

 End of the family unit

 Depopulation, control of population growth and density

 Endless mandatory quackcines

 Universal basic income (austerity)

 Microchipped society (for trade, travel, tracking and control)

 Implementation of a world social credit system

 Internet of things (IOT), everything hooked to 5G monitoring including your body

 Government raised children

 Government owned and controlled schools (education)

 End private transportation (no more owning cars,…)

 All businesses owned by government/corporations

 Restriction of non-essential air travel

 Settlement zones (concentration of humans in cities only)

 End of private farms livestock and irrigation

 Restricted land use, end of single family homes

 Ban on natural non synthetic drugs and medicines


You will own nothing and be Happy!!!


World Enslavement Foundation (WEF) Cult.



Jim Jones


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In my view, it is not a coincidence that Big Brother initially rolls out such spy tactics in cohesive, high-trust Norway.

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Not only Orwellian, but Satanic.

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I guess the people of Norway are sheep to be fleeced as well. Go onto your Private Property Security Register and register yourself as the secured party against all claims from Govt- Corporations and investors.

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"What if this information gets in the wrong hands?"

It is already in the wrong hands, because the very fact that this is happening proves, without a doubt, that Norway's government is the first thing that got into the wrong hands. I do not want here to stigmatize Norway, as I don't know of any government in the world that hasn't fallen into the wrong hands.

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Norwegians are generally non confrontational, in my experience, at least publicly. Unfortunately, I suspect that most will simply go along with this plan because it will be easier for them to do so, at least in the short term.

(FYI, in English, the past tense of the infinitive "to pay" is "paid" not "payed'. Your English is far better than my Norwegian but I thought you might want to know the correct word for future articles.)

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From what I've heard, some americans have started using fractional silver in clubs, and silver as payment in general for goods and services. I'm a true believer of the power of discretion, anonymity and cryptography, and that's why I'm working on a broader concept, a community currency you can roll out tomorrow. I have a couple of articles if you find this exciting.

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Lol they already do this in the USA. They just use barcodes and told the stupid people to put their phone number in, even though it never really gives you a discount on anything.

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This has got to be the sickest fucking thing I've heard lately, people must be really brain dead to even go along with something as dystopian as this bullshit. Notice how B gates recently has stated that BUGS are a good source of protein. Additionally this fucking criminal was recently given approval to buy up massive amounts of prime farmland, via the "non profit" B&M GTS foundation, to become the LARGEST farmland owner in the US. This guy is NO farmer. Seems like it will be kept of the market FOREVER or "gifted" to the GOV.. What's shocking is how easily people just seem to believe everything WO independent thought or even attempting to see facts for themselves. It would seem the average person now suffers from so much cognitive dissonance as to be completely useless in anything that requires independence of mind, rendering them nothing more than lambs led to be slaughtered. Some seem to have regressed to a level just above that of a farm animal. All one has to say is NO!, They cannot/will not, shoot everybody.

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Great to meet you brother. I’m Shannon’s Ire on SubStack. In Alaska

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