With Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, I warned Dec 1 2020, BEFORE a single genetic “vaccine” had received emergency authorization, that there was an unevaluated risk of negative effects on human reproduction (based on concerns for low but non zero similarity of spike protein and a vital protein of pregnancy, syncytin-1).

We didn’t know enough to say definitively that there’d be issues, but we were certain that it was reckless to ignore the biology without doing proper studies.

What’s been reported on menstruation and pregnancy is, unfortunately, consistent with these risks coming to pass.

Rather than being thanked for pointing out potential issues, we were censored and smeared by tech companies and our respective national broadcasters.

I think that’s when my fears about this whole global event could no longer be pushed away. What’s happening is a deliberate effort, long planned, to injure or kill very many people all round the world.

In contrast with what’s been occasionally reported:

1. I have never said “everyone who’s been injected will die”. I can’t possibly know what’s going to happen. I guess it’s possible, it depends on what’s been put in the injections. My own guess is that most people who’ve experienced no side effects will be OK.

2. I didn’t expect first generation injections to be particularly lethal. I reasoned that they were a gateway to digital ID, and I think it’s still possibly part of what they’re going to do. A further lie about “the next pandemic” is, I believe, more likely to be the ghastly trigger for more systematically injurious events, again utilising genetic treatments.

I am, unfortunately, absolutely certain that humanity is under attack & that they’ve hardly begun. Remember, the world was locked down on a lie & that doesn’t happen without high level agreement by the super wealthy “elites”. They’re going to do it again. Unquestionably.

Our defence consists of withdrawing consent unequivocally from the authoritarian behaviour of governments everywhere. Use cash at every opportunity you can. Resist mandatory digital ID, campaign against withdrawal of cash. Refuse to use CBDCs.

If we fail to do these things, they WILL take over and it will be forever.

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I have not taken the vaccine.

I think one tab missing in the poll is 'menstrual disorders after covid infection without being vaccinated'. Not the results you might be interested right now, but that happened to me.

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All this negative stuff coming out yet the US is still pushing it as hard as they can it seems.

I get very upset by this generalisation that if you’re over 65 you should still take it. I’m 67, had extremely mild covid (passed on to me by a vaccinated partner!), took Ivermectin (not sure if it would have been worse if I’d not had the Ivermectin). I never contemplated the vaccine and never will but somehow I’m in the ‘at risk’ category. I had milder covid than my vaccinated daughter and son-in-law in their earlier 30s. Cookie cutter medicine instead of looking at the individual. I trust my own GP who was firmly against the genetic shots but have no faith in the rest of them. Most medics have shown an appalling lack of due diligence in not doing any research for themselves and relying on captured regulatory bodies.

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Nov 30, 2022Liked by Peter Imanuelsen

Amazing on all points but especially this which is beypnd me!

"....... despite this, almost half of the women have still taken the 3rd booster. Why are they doing it?"

Thanks again

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My Parents are 74 & 71, and I made sure that they didn’t get the vaccine. They are very healthy for their age, one of my uncles in his early 60’s after getting the vaccine has had complications with his heart. Before the vaccine, no one in our family had these issues.

My question is why Big Pharma is knowingly pushing these dangerous experimental drugs? It’s absolutely sickening!

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Peter I spoke with an undertaker here in Ireland and he confirmed 100% that the embalmers they are using are seeing unusual clots in the deceased and having great trouble embalming the bodies since the vaccine roll out.Hope this is of interest to you.

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The greatest crime in world history. It has nothing to do with a virus!


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There's an alarming number of fetal deaths in California according to a nurse who shared documentation that her hospital is gravely concerned but remaining silent.


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Why are these researchers still lying about 65+ group, they absolutely don’t need a jab,let alone a booster.

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It is also after COIVD itself came out.

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I am reporting from Sydney, Australia where our vax rate is quite severe at around 70%+. I can confirm that our heavily, gagged media has NEVER allowed anyone to appear on TV or radio to discuss any of what is "really" happening here and around the world. This global, mass genocide has been well planned, several years ago actually, and these plans have been well documented in various videos so when this unprecedented murder is finally exposed in the upcoming Nuremberg Trials, there will be NO escaping for the perpetrators. We have 26 million people in Australia (a lot less now) who have either "died suddenly" or have "long Covid" which is another name for vax damage. Our government, media and self-proclaimed health officials are telling the public lies: that this long covid is from having been infected with this invisible, non-existent virus, and THAT is what they are experiencing either by death or injury - NOT vax damage! Very convenient!!

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I’ve also been suffering from “temporary” side effects. I’ve had headaches, nausea and tinnitus for over a year and a half since my two AZ doses.

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A friend just sent this to me.

If only someone had shown the world this 2.5 years ago...


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