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Speaking up for the vaccine injured is SO worthy. Thank you. The truth will set us free, and help us to help each other.

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No one got myocarditis from Covid because Covid doesn't exist PERIOD. Covid is seasonal flu rebranded. There is no Sars Cv 19 virus ,just as there is no AIDS virus or Polio virus etc etc . Virology is a long debunked $ Trillion fraud .Myocarditis and pericarditis are a direct result of the poison injections . This is deliberate worldwide mass poisoning . So called "Covid" and "Covid" quaxines shouldn't be conflated as a cause of myocarditis as it legitimises the fake Germ THEORY and contagion as a cause of diseases .Disease comes from within ( poor diet , no excercise ,lack of sunlight ) or environmental factors like heavy pollution or toxins in the food and water supply . As an example , Polio was NOT eradicated by Salk's vaccine. That Vax was introduced when Polio cases were already on a downward spiral and well on the way out due to the banning of the potent neurotoxic pesticides Lead Arsenate and DDT . Viruses have NEVER been found in the snot phlegm saliva of sick people PERIOD. They are "discovered " in fraudulent lab experiments whereby healthy cells are innoculated with diseased tissue ( eg measles )starved of nutrition and poisoned with antibiotics and enzymes to destroy the healthy cells ( cytopathic effect ) and the resulting cellular debris are then arbitrarily labelled disease causing viruses. Control experiments ( no innoculation with diseased tissue ) have been done and achieved the exact same result thereby proving that it's the lab procedure and not the diseased tissue which caused cytopathic effect. John Enders was awarded the Nobel for this procedure which he claimed discovery of the measles virus. What medical scientists and students aren't taught us that he ( and Peebles) did control experiments WITHOUT innoculating healthy cells with diseased tissue and got the same result ( cytopathic effect ) . Please stop pushing this virus/ contaigon fraud or this tyranny will be repeated again and again .

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RNA vaccines, or gene therapy as they are actually known, cause blood clots, genetic mutations, ADE, cancers and death. These injections killed all the lab animals in the clinical studies done since the 90s. These studies are online for anyone to read.

Gene Therapy has been an unmitigated disaster from the beginning.

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Recall the reports concerning Spain and Italy being barraged with endless Covid patients unable to breath and reported to be dying in droves at the beginning of the SCAMDEMIC. Don't believe the charts indicating NO RISE IN PERCENTAGE OF DEATH IN 2020. Were those reports all PROPAGANDA AND LIES in 2020? Nobody was really dying following the return of the Chinese to Italy and Spain following the Chinese New Year?

Can't believe a word reported during the SCAMDEMIC OR NOW as the Survey, themselves, are all OWNED by International Banker/Corporatist Mafia Outlets. VERY SAD NOBODY IS INDICTING MEDIA FOR THE TREASONOUS LIARS THEY ARE...OWNED BY THE MAFIA.

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Excellent information. I wanted to send to my naysayer brother but there are too many typos (misspellings). He’ll only dismiss the article for this reason, alone. 😞

Would be good to have a proofreader onboard.

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What is the point arguing covid also has or has not elevated risk for myocarditis. Everyone gets covid anyway, jabbed more than not jabbed. So the risk remains anyway. The jab just elevated jab myocarditis.

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Hey Genius, did you read the study carefully? Why are you then misinterpretinng the results? You forgot to mention that the study was done on patients who were "admitted to hospital with NEW ONSET myocarditis", i.e. they were all myocarditis patients already. You also forgot to mention that "compared with myocarditis associated with covid-19 disease and conventional myocarditis, myocarditis after vaccination with SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines was associated with better clinical outcomes within 90 days of admission to hospital."

Wow, now it is not that schocking anymore, is it?

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[placard big smile emoji here]

This was known & posted 2 yeara ago.

What can i say. to you or your followers. My words means nothing, to you or your subsciber belief system. With that said, i plant a seed. Research, Sasha Latypova, & Karen Kingston, to start. They bring receipts of the D.O.D. & Pharma company conections from the beginning. And the beginning does not start there. This was patented, n planned / formalized, tech. for at the very least 2 decades of advanced achievement to get to this point. The dirwct effects were posted from this bio weapon jab.

Do you think for yourself, or are you told what to think? The latter is Choice of willfull ignorance.

'Belief is the enemy of knowledge'.

Belief; is what i call blind laziness. You could choose an actual thing called "work". Yep, it invovles actual work to discern the so called foundational truths, vs. the formal fallacies you have been lead to Believe & reiforced by your conformation echo chamber. We are all subject to the same herd mentality of trying to be liked.. Its just ego.

Always beware of the Bought, Bot, & the Blind.

Passing judgement is not the goal.

The Nuance is key. Plausible deniability is key to the best told lies. Good control ops. start with 90% truth w/ 10% lies is a great starting sign post for gaining followers. The tech cabal amplifies that signal coverage to gain creditability of their spokes person.Textbook.

So, 'You decide on your discernment for wisdom, on who you follow based on what they purport. Check, verify, claims for actual receipts/citations.

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And so WE will. Just because it’s an inconvenient truth for some doesn’t mean we should lose our collective humanity.

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I have myocarditis and I have all of the symptoms of autoimmune disease now. It all started when I the people I care take for recieved Moderna mRNA. How can I avoid bodily contact or saliva contact on someone who has less control of his body than you or I? I have to help with shower and bathroom, of course I am contact for spike proteins! Its gotten progessively worse and my heart feels like its on the verge of a heart attack and I'm ALWAYS unbeliebably fatigued. My blood feels thick and my hands are tingling with pain while stiff. My heart aches and not in the romantic way... People are SO in denial. I was the most healthy person I ever knew, until a week and a half after they got the moderna. I started noticing uncharacteristic shortness of breath for a non-soker and Cross-Country running fool. Then the tiredness and chest tightness and pain... then the extremeity and torso pain and also pain and bruised feeling in my heart and valves running off to my arms. Over the year it subsided very slowly, but I had aged by 15 years with my health. I'm losing hair rapidly from imflammation of my skin with rashes appearing uncharaccteristically for the last year. It subsided until they got the next round. It got twice as bad then.... And hasn't subsided since.

I take Star Anise and it is only thing that helps. I bought an espresso maker, I grind up Star Anise with the shell, and I make an extract with pressure and heat and water and... within I'd say 6-8 hours I feel a burst of energy like my old self again, and my pain is gone, I can take long breaths again and feel oxygenated with a short buzz like the oxygen is food that I haven't been getting, and I can STRETCH without feeling like I'm ripping and bruising something.... I am an avid stretcher but since this all happened I couldn't stretch anymore without bruised like feelings.

So there you have it. Try Star Anise extract (strong as can be) or Pine Needle Tea. Effects last for a day and take 6 hours. This is from experience, but when the whole world is screaming at you like Joseph here, that its not possible, well you kind of sort of have to take matters into your own hands to care for the body like only you can. Doctors only PRACTICE medicine, do they not? We are the authorities, and society has trained you WRONG.

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"However, those who did get myocarditis from covid, which was a much lower number to begin with, did have more heart failure after 90 days than those who got it from the vaccine."

Just to be clear, does this part means that the people who got myocarditis from covid fared worse after 90 days than those who got it from the jabs?

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I know this discussion isn't about chemtrails but I have never taken the jabs and I am really not well with a sinus/chest infection that I have had for 4 weeks. It must be the shite they are spraying our sky with and it's every day the planes are painting outside my house. They are slowly killing us.

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The media/FB etc., will never give this information out.... they have ALL sold their souls to the devil (to save their own) Ba++ards the lot of them.

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Wonderful news Peter, not lets see this happen in every country. Too late for so many poor souls though.

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Thanks for this informative article. A very compelling, large retrospective study of patient hospital records in Israel is strong evidence that Covid does not cause myocarditis at all. The study compared 590,000 hospitalized patients who did not have Covid (prior to vaccine rollout) with about 200,000 hospital patients who had Covid (prior to vaccine rollout). The rate of myocarditis among the 590K without Covid was the same (slightly higher actually, but not significant) as the rate of myocarditis among the 200K people who contracted Covid. Their conclusion: "Post COVID-19 infection was not associated with either myocarditis (aHR 1.08; 95% CI 0.45 to 2.56) or pericarditis (aHR 0.53; 95% CI 0.25 to 1.13). We did not observe an increased incidence of neither pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection." Now that the vaccines are out, it's so difficult to parse what is caused by the vaccines and what is coming from Covid -- the perfect cover for the evil-doers.


QUESTION PETER - Do you have a list of the countries that no longer offer the Covid vaccines to young people/children? I know Scandinavian countries were among the first to drop them for younger age groups. Would love to see a list of countries that do not offer to children. Age cut-offs, etc.

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May God continue to bless and protect you for exposing the truth no matter what.

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