Let’s not forget that the CDC/NAIH handicapped the Janssen vaccine early on. Turns out that the J&J shot was easier to distribute, required a single shot, and was less deadly in the long run. Corruption? You bet.

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“Is this why the shots were being pushed so hard onto people, so that some could get their paychecks? Is this why people have been censored so much for merely saying anything negative about these shots?” -- YES!

As always, follow the money. King Fauci getting richer by the day with his edicts of safety 🤬🤬🤬

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The majority have always been gullible, easily frightened, easily led fools without any critical thinking skills. The perpetrators have always known this that's why they were confident enough to go with this . They also own and control the mass media which is crucial to full societal control. If the vast majority refused to comply the whole crime against humanity would have collapsed like a house of cards within the first few months of 2020 .

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People were not only forced to take the injection they were lied to about the safety and effectiveness of this injection when all of the health agencies (FDA, CDC, HHS, WHO, NIH) KNEW these shots were neither safe nor effective. They all need to be charged with murder, crimes against humanity and sentenced to death and/or life in prison with no chance for parole. They are guilty of 1st degree murder.

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Are Moderna and Pfizer paying Dr. Robert Malone for mRNA tech, either directly or indirectly through his shares in the patent holding?

Resistance Level 1: truthers

Those who attack the lies in the narratives are just truthers, not fighters: they just inform. Information alone can’t change the rigged system. Here’s the truthers hall of fame:

General truthers:


#ClimateFreedom truthers: https://scientificprogress.substack.com/p/best-scientific-sources-to-debunk

Digi-tatorship truthers:

Engineer Diego Barrientos: Youtube @CEVICAS (Spanish, censored episodes in Telegram)

Mark Playne: notonthebeeb.co.uk

Geoengineering truthers:

Dane Wigington: GeoengineeringWatch.org

#MedicalFreedom truthers:

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP: Doctors4CovidEthics.org

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Corona Investigative Committee

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander Palexander.substack.com



Dr. Angelina Farella

Dr. Robert Malone

Canadian Covid Care Alliance: canadiancovidcarealliance.org

Joe Rogan 1

Igor Chudov IgorChudov.substack.com

Jeffrey Tucker Brownstone.org

Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee: KarenKingston.substack.com

Sasha Latypova, an ex-pharmaceutical industry executive

Josh Stirling InsuranceCollaborationToSaveLives.org

Ed Dowd

Theresa Long


Great Barrington Declaration (Drs. Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorff). Sign here:

https://gbdeclaration.org and like here:
























One America News OANN.org

NewsMax, Epoch Times, Natural News, FrankSpeech, Rotter News, The Gateway Pundit, The Last American Vagabond, The Vigilant Citizen, WantToKnow, Vaccine Impact, Technocracy News, Red Voice Media, Prepare for Change, Pandemic News, Open Secrets, Judicial Watch, Health Impact News, Health Choice.


















Level 2, suing for the common good or pushing legislation:

RFK Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ChildrensHealthDefense,org 2

Del Bigtree. TheHighWire.com, Informed Consent Action Network: ICANdecide.org 3

Steve Kirsch SteveKirsch.substack.com. VacSafety.org

New Civil Liberties Alliance: NCLAlegal.org 4

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms: JCCF.ca

Martin Kulldorff MD; Aaron Kheriaty MD: Great Barrington Declaration

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis 5 and Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo 6

James O'Keefe. ex ProjectVeritas.com

Pierre Kory MD, Paul Marik MD: FLCCC 7

Tess Lawrie MD: worldcouncilforhealth.org


Ryan Cole MD

Lawyers: Tricia Lindsay (Tricia Lindsay Law), Robert Barnes (Barnes Law, LLP), Warner Mendenhall (Mendenhall Law Group), Jeff Childers (Childers Law), and Bobbie Ann Flower Cox (Cox Lawyers, PLLC.)

• Employer Mandates: State/federal, ADA, worker’s compensation, individual & class action plaintiffs

• Education Mandates: Public & private K-12 schools, public & private universities, Title 10, coercion, informed consent, fraud, conflicts of interest. 

• Medical License: Medical board certification, tortious interference, First Amendment, fraud, libel, violation of Administrative Procedures (APA or equivalent)

• Fraud: False Claims Act, pharma fraud, VAERS fraud, SBA and PPP fraud, whistleblower protection

• Civil Rights: Public access/accommodation, ADA, informed consent (state agencies), due process, religious liberty, First Amendment

• Censorship: First Amendment, collusion, racketeering (federal agencies)

• Vaccine Injury: Includes liability, informed consent, mandates by institutions, VICP, CICP

• Hospital Negligence: Includes Remdesivir, denial of early treatment protocols, vaccine coercion

• Mass Torts: Includes Covid vaccine injury and hospital misuse of Remdesivir

With few victories, that isn’t enough to change the system. They explain everything in terms of massive corruption for the sake of profits, but deny the possibility of a global conspiracy.


Level 3, anti-IDmoney:

Dr. Joseph Mercola: mercola.com

Corey Lynn Coreydigs.com

Stew Peters stewpeters.com


Others recognized there is a cabal and provide valuable data but sometimes mixed with false information, especially when pointing to “reptilian aliens”, thus defeating the purpose of truthing (scientifically proven: no aliens in the universe), ruining the reputation of freedom fighters.

Alex Jones (InfoWars)8

David Icke9

Alexandra Bruce: forbiddenknowledgetv.net

Bill Cooper (RIP)10

Level 4, anti-freemasonry and satanism

Ronald Bernard (ex illuminati): 1 of 5 (don't miss the 5th) http://youtu.be/JAhnCdXqPww

Prof Michel Chossudovsky: globalresearch.ca 11

John-Henry Westen: lifesitenews.com

James Corbett: corbettreport.com12

David Sörensen Global directory: stopworldcontrol.com/map/

Dean Henderson (deleted in 2015, yet here13)


Level 5, anti-system political and monetary rebuilt from ground up


The freedom movement does half the wake-up job: leaving everyone half asleep, lethargic. It’s like warning the sheep something’s wrong, while still walking towards the slaughterhouse, but not telling them that the road leads to the meat-packer, and worse, no one seems to be telling them, that apart from prayer, there’s an escape route: asset backed anon currency and pro-rata spending townhall democracy without forced representation.

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I’ve heard pro vax people say “No one is getting rich making vaccines.” HA!

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FAUCI needs to face a jury.

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WHY is the taxpayer still funding them????

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You should put this in Twitter

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Minor typo: lives ruined in many *parts* of the world

Thank you for this to-the-point article. It’s easier to share when written this way.

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California hey , why am I not surprised? From someone in Australia.

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Where are your credible resources for your “reporting?” I don’t see any of those nor do I see your qualifications. Looks like a lot of hearsay and opinion, unless those minimums are present.

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Where are your credible resources for your “reporting?” I don’t see any of those nor do I see your qualifications. Looks like a lot of hearsay and opinion, unless those minimums are present.

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😲😲😲...I'VE BEEN WRONG... RUSSIA...🇷🇺 🇷🇺🇷🇺...IS EVIL AS WELL...WE ARE DEALING WITH A TWO HEADED SNAKE...🐉🐉🐉https://youtu.be/hIMR_vPPh00

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Holy Crap “BatMan” when will it stop?, well “Robin” only the people have the power to bring them to Justice.

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Well now, we asked for a list before showing who in NIH/NIAID received royalties and how much...report had a lot of redactions. Seems like like an updated report reflecting these Moderna’s royalties should be provided WITHOUT redactions of any kind. Also, I vaguely recall that Moderna had/has a lawsuit against Pfizer for using “Moderna “ technology/techniques....guess they knew they would have to pay the royalties and wanted Pfizer to pay their share to soften the blow to Moderna. Especially since Pfizer sold so much more.

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