Well Europe kik out Klaus WEF he is the head of the snake plus Soros

The big BEAR 🐻 RUSSIA is flexing its muscle

Good people need to push back before you

We all freeze and starve. Which seems to be

The goal of the deep state that wants to crush

It’s citizens into accepting the WEF NWO

That is playing fuckery with the world.

USA is fighting a proxy war against Russia

Through the corrupt state of Ukraine

UN nato all pushing the envelope

You we our governments need new citizens

To lead before we all lose our sovereign


Go people go raise the intensity and demand


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Thanks for this reporting, Peter.

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Trump said it would happen and they laughed at him.

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And our ‘leaders’ are trying to bring the fun here.....

Creepy John Podesta is officially now ‘running the White House’s climate change agenda’.

Heil Biden

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Nothing can stop the truth indefinitely.

Choosing deceit has an expiration date and severe consequences.

The worldwide freedom movement is a deadly wound to the CLUB's global ambitions.

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Like I have said the citizens all over the world are rising against world order driven by WEF.

Only going to grow. 🇺🇸🤷‍♂️🌎

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All self inflicted by the terrorist Von Twatter

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