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Wow 🔥🙌 I will cheer you all on from afar! Thank you for your continued fight for truth and freedoms.

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Great news hope it's a success.

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Do you have a virtual option? I can’t get to Norway but I fully support the conference.

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I’ll cheer you all on from Texas. Go get ‘em 👏👏

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Awesome! Godspeed.

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Thank you for the podcast discussion with Dr Peter McCullough;

I have had four Covid vaccines, I will stop now.

I was very sick in 2020 before I had the Covid vaccines, so I had the vaccines out of fear..

I have had “flu” since Easter.

I have been taking Vitamins B, C & D. I am also on Prednisone and made my own saline, 1 tsp salt to a litre of boiled water, sniff it up and I use hay fever spray. I will try diluted baby shampoo.

Although Ivermectin is safe, the local vet clinic secretary told me that they may not prescribe for humans. Dr McCullough said that Ivermectin is safer than paracetamol. When I was so sick in 2020, the doctor at my local day hospital did zero, he just told me to go home and rest.

I never knew that the Covid 19 vaccine is so dangerous & that the more shots you get, can cause havoc.

Dr McCullough said that during the Vietnam war 59,000 soldiers lost their lives.

Covid – loss of life – 509,000 Americans, that many were seniors. I am a senior in my 60's

I agree with Dr McCullough that they need to be pulled off the market (the people behind Moderna, Pfizer, etc)

Over here where I live, people are given Covid 19 grants by the government. 'bye, thanks for your work.

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Wish I could get to see these people!!

God bless (? If you’re a believer)

Bonne chance if not!


La France dans la tourment parce que Macron est un cochon élitiste

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Serious concern …

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Where is the form for application ?

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