Brain implants coupled with the euthanasia program being pushed in Canada….how long before they could just “flip a switch” and have folks just walk themselves into the ovens “voluntarily”!?

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I have a great cure for depression. Give depressed people hammers and access to all those chips they want to implant in their brains, and let them smash them to smithereens. That will really pick up their mood!! (and mine)

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I’ve suffered from depression.

I honestly believe self centered/ narcissistic tendencies is the biggest cause of depression.

Which our society has promoted for decades.

Getting out of myself, giving to others, a hobby, getting back to God.

an attitude change has made me drug free.

A chip is an insane idea.

Who controls it?


Programming it!

Hell no.

I’m not biting of the apple of Satan

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Jan 14, 2023Liked by Peter Imanuelsen

So, a built-in electroconvulsive therapy chip...

Think I'll give that a pass!

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In Canada it has already been suggested that people who don’t buy into the narrative be treated for mental illness. Couple that with the “remote deactivate” functionality coming for automobiles in the US, euthanasia for mentally ill in Canada, and these handy brain implants, and as soon as one expresses themself “inappropriately” they will be deactivated without recourse for the family.

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All this is getting ready for the Mark of the Beast, as described in the Bible, the Book of Revelation. The WEF/Globalists will achieve the aims under Satan (the Antichrist). They will only get 7 years, the Tribulation, again described in the Bible. The GOOD NEWS is the Jesus Christ is coming soon for His Followers then at the end of 7years to the WORLD and will overthrow Satan and all his minions. The seven year Tribulation is the most horrible time in Earth’s history, God’s wrath will be pored out on an unbelieving and God hating World. Turn to Jesus NOW and avoid all this. He loves YOU.

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Much worse than 1984.

We have Gulags. We have lock downs, we have a wide open border controlled by the Cartels, we have more young American's dying each year from Chinese Fentanyl, at least 1/3 of our population suffers Mass Formation Psychosis and has disconnected from reality, and our country is overrun with illegals who are treated better than Americans. We've lost the right to free speech, and to assemble. Bars were open and crack pipes were free, but churches and health clubs were closed.

We've suffered extreme Mind War for decades, and now the ruling elites are working to put chips in our heads? I don' t think so!!!



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Long term effects of these things in our body? We already know that carrying them in pockets causes harm… they don’t care, they will probably be exempt… well you know what, so will I..

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My granddaughters friend ( both 11 years old) got diabetes after the jab. She now has some kind of tracking device.

An app in her phone checking her bloodsugar.

Google has an app checking steps, heart and breathing.

I know because I was silly enough to download it together with my " Me" app where I have yoga classes etc. I had to do that to measure steps ??!!

I am afraid I have to uninstall both apps now.

So what you are writing is absolutely just around the corner.

Have you , by any chance, heard of talks about using cellphones to cause issues for people? Supposedly activates through the cloud and 5 or 6 G

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Will "WE THE PEOPLE" ever get to the bottom of this PLANNED SCAMDEMIC 🤔 ? Is anyone asking the right questions




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I remember when Bill Gates used to create Virus’s for Windows and then sell you the Antivirus.

I wonder what he’s doing Now

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We know the problems. Our systems are corrupted. It is time to organize and fix them.

Decentralize everything. Demand transparency. Weaponize the tyranny of the masses back onto the people corrupting our systems and end the Global Agenda.

Also understand systems better and how important they are. If you tell us the kind of systems that govern over you, we can accurately predict your quality of life.

Embrace decentralized and transparent systems.

Fear centralized ones.

Know the difference:


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I "love" when rational reason is used as a synonym for "good" or "moral".

Also, depression (as it is with the alphabet-diagnoses and autism) is up because the criteria for having the condition are so vague and general now that it basically amounts to "feel sad a lot".

It is not depression but anomie and alienation that is being felt: that their lives doesn't matter to anyone, and that the world doesn't care whether they live or die, and that they'll never be the popstar, the idol, the Hero but just another nameless faceless eminently replaceable and equal humanoid on the corporate machine.

In older or truer societies depression and the rest, including things like dyslexia or anorexia, are virtually unheard of - because everyone is needed, everyone has a function and everyone matters to someone as as a familymember, a kinsman or one of the same people.

These people need to found a family, to marry and to have children. They need to work with their hands doing real things instead of TikTok and indulge in poseur-ism.

Want to stop feeling depressed? Put yourself in a march-or-die situation. Either way, you'll be cured.

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Thank God for magic shrooms.


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I'm sure anybody in favour of this brain chipping will be a wef'ed shill so dumb they get it themselves or they're such greed driven sociopaths that they'll lie and say they did. Neither is a character I wish to be nor keep company with.

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