Excellent interview. I haven't looked into the Heritage Party but I certainly will now. Thanks.

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Odd how the enemies of western Govt. refer to the Hybrid Communist/Fascists with their WOKE Cult policies as the norm, rule, traditional mainstream values...WHEN THE OPPOSITE IS FACTUAL. 'Concentration Camps' being RE-IMAGINED 15 Minute Cities or Smart Cities doesn't remove the FACT OF THEM BEING 'Concentration Camps' in reality.

Is odd to watch western populations behaving as the Jews walking amiably to the Gas Chambers. And, it's amazing how this WOKE CULT is so similar to Monarch Controlled Dark-Age Feudalism without any pretense of a Psycho-Predator King/Queen, now RE-IMAGINED a Dictator, being a representative of Jesus Christ given a 'Divine Right to Rule'. IT'S ALL TOTALITARIAN/AUTHORITARIAN RULE...AS IS EUENICIST BASED TECHNO-COMMUNISM/FASCISM.

"You will own nothing and you will be happy." was the rule of the Monarchs of the world oppressing all they defined 'Their Human Herd' as, "dirty, unwashed, starving masses" before The Constitution of the United States. How is the western population so willing to return to abject SLAVERY, STARVATION, MURDER...To lie down and die instead of fighting back to oppose this TYRANNY?

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Thank you for the interesting podcast with David Kurten, leader of the Heritage Party.

If I lived in the UK, I would vote for the Heritage Party.

I just want to mention to you that the sound quality of the podcasts is a little


I would like to sponsor you, I cannot pay right now

Sorry if I sound a bit mixed up, but have a hard life and flu

Over here also the streets are being renamed, statues, etc.

Sorry that Police in UK were kneeling down in front of BLM activists, but were brutal against freedom protesters. (Anti vaxxers)

Feminism is no good. I always go back to the Bible.

Free speech in Britain – sorry that silent prayer is a criminal offence and that any kind of expression is not allowed.

I am afraid to say anything on Twitter, because I heard that people are being dragged through courts, because of social media posts.

Winter 2021, two policemen & a social worker came to my home, I had to go with them to the emergency unit of my local government hospital to be assessed just because I told a next door tenant that I would slit her ex mother in law's throat if she bothered me. There was a shortage of beds. I lay there for 3 weeks. A social worker contracted by my daughter, had me admitted. It was a wrongful admission. I reported her to the SA Council for Social Service Professions.

Sorry that in UK you get harassed / arrested for praying in your head.

The Public Order Act – you are not allowed to express opinions about abortion, street crime.

I remember when that black man with his Bible, was arrested by police.

The man got in an argument with a Muslim, who reported him to the police, the police left him on the side of the road, after driving him 5 miles.

I'm sorry if this is personal/irrelevant, but the body corporate of the flats where I live tried to dismantle my usufruct of my flat, because I complained about certain tenants' dogs storming at me at me in passing. The one dog owner was the daughter of the chairman of the body corporate. He died Easter 2021. They used the word, “coerce” that I coerced tenants' kids to tease dogs. Not so. They emailed the owner, my daughter, about it. Now she rejects me. They tried to make out that I am mad or a danger to the other tenants living in the complex. I have been living here since 1978; I would like to move, but don't have the means to make changes. I have usufruct. Now I am old and ugly, and made to feel unwelcome by certain tenants of color and whites, the stress is bad for my health.

I'm also sorry that Germany has just gone mad, thrown out common sense, etc

Sorry about Buzz phrases, “Build Back Better

Nothing back, nothing better.”

When I was in UK long ago, there were road blockages already then, about 10+ years ago.

I feel like a prisoner in the residential complex where I live.

Only the higher up tenants, the elite here in the flats where I live, own cars as there is a shortage of parking bays.

I had 4 Covid injections & I pray God will protect me from worse things down the line.

I agree with DK about funny business happening in the churches, in the end times. I am out of them all, but I try to keep the Biblical feasts.

I am also sorry that they want to destroy traditional family values; David Kurten grew up in a single parent family & says that now there are all different kinds of families

Over here too, my culture, diversity is being destroyed. They copy, steal identity from me.

I don't have a life anymore with all the load shedding, electricity going on and off every few hours for 2.5 hours, or for 4 hours at a time – very harsh, oppressive, worse in winter for a poor senior woman.

Lorraine in W. Cape, R.S.A.

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Peter Sweden

Nice work, Gents ! Thank you 🙏🏼

What I find to be true is each “owned” country has a Uniparty. It’s a false sense of security that we get to have a “choice” when (s)electing our leaders. Which the Soros /WEF has managed for us for decades. It’s all a setup. They’re all in on it.

The plan for the future is full of holes. None of their plans have been well thought through. These people are clever but they’re not smart.

We will not be using CBDC.

We have a huge opportunity to switch [them] off entirely. By refusing their options, we dismantle the entire Khazarian Mafia machine.

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Sweden / Feminists: That's just the official show. In reality the traditional work division betw. men and women is quite established, esp. in the north and outside the cities. Greetings from Sweden.

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