Appalling and heartbreaking. When will the Swedes rise up against this horror? It's nearly too late for us all. All Western countries are being brought to their knees through the deluge of 'immigration'. It's deliberate, sustained, and malicious.

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Thank you for covering this. I have been following you on Twitter for a while. Are Swedes waking up?

We must all push back against the Woke Jihad: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-wage-a-progressive-jihad

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And still UK educators lie to children. My daughter told me her school had taught her that immigration does not lead to extra crime. Clearly, obviously and most definitely a lie but they refuse to allow any 'unpalatable' truth.

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It is a terrible tragedy and so I thank you for writing about it. However, when it comes to correcting the situation we have to look at what the UN is up to.....

In 2018 the Migration Compact was initiated and some of its content seems to have escaped attention. I wrote about it at the time and mirrored my article here:


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US is going to sh*t, too. Thanks to woke lib democrats

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This has actually been going on in Western Europe for quite sometime, maybe not bombings, but malevolent attitudes....

I was in Amsterdam for the turn of the century, Y2K and all that, quite a party to say the least, but there was a fairly significant amount of folks from northern Africa even then.....Morocco I believe, and suffice to say they were not so friendly! Late one evening I felt fortunate to make it back to our little flat in one piece.

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Thank you for reporting on this Peter. I would like to hear how you would tie socialism to this terrible epidemic. I suspect you are probably right, but, if so, wouldn't we expect to see similar disasters in Norway, Finland and Denmark?

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I don't think it's political correctness that withholds MSM from reporting all the bombings and rapes, more likely they want to hide this fall-out of immigration policy, s9 it can go on unabated. They know that if it was reported, men would rise up in arms against the migrants who are doing these things and UN policy is to multiply migrants until whites are phased out.

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Thank you from a Canadian payed subscriber. Your journalism is important, but your weakness will become apparent when internet access is controlled. Canadian Bill C-11 is the start.

“... The panel's urgent recommendations were incorporated into Bill C-10. The bill is the first in a series of three bills intended to address online platforms and their influence in Canada, alongside a proposed "online harms" bill that will seek to address online hate speech. On February 16, 2021, the bill completed its second reading and was referred to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC).



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Planned by enemies of freedom, enemies of sovereign nations. And the leaders of these countries are complicit in their own demise. Only a few brave ones speak out against the tyranny of the globalist agenda.

Forced immigration, planned and orchestrated bioweapons attacks on the world, using lies and pretenses to attempt to control the entire world's population. And their goal is mass DE-population.

Are those in power in Sweden really that brainwashed, or are they PART of killing off their history and people?

It comes down to the PEOPLE, the individual and collective people of any given nation, to stand up against this tyranny. We see that here in the USA, where a tyrannical criminal syndicate overthrew our duly elected President in 2020. Now it is up to WE the PEOPLE to exercise our power. Here in America we HAVE that power to take back our country, under our Constitution.

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It's clear they want to destroy completely Europe as a whole, as long as us, European citizens (try to catch a local train in Italy if you are a young lady... it's terrible). We need to react, as European citizens, before it's too late (Swedish people are amazing, humanity can't stand loosing you).

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An atrocity and heartbreaking. I follow you on X (post Twitter) and some of your posts I re-post. There is a lack of want to help this horrendous situation in media and gvt as they’re owned and governments are now managed and puppeteered by corporations. It’s almost as if they WANT to shift socialist countries into communism and democracies into socialist countries. There is an AGENDA by the ELITES and I fear this is just the beginning globally; unless WE (7.5 billion of us) PUSH BACK the few thousand who want to wield their POWER to make us do their bidding. Influencing gvts and policy changes changes; Gates writing fear porn books on one of the hoaxes called Climate change (as per leading Nobel Laureates in this field); Gender choices being promoted in little schools and taught by transgender groups; Elites/Hollywood/Netflix/Amazon/Apple all boycotting the movie SOUND OF FREEDOM (which addresses child trafficking/rape)…WE HAVE TO ASK OURSELF… WHY?🤔

I created a small list as to why.. but it’s growing!

1. Elites support eugenics and Transhumanism. They want an updated version of us to 2.0 and they need the next generation to influence. So they create chaos and discord with parents, children and schools!

2. Too much money has been invested in environmental issues by elites and they want their ROI. So climate is on their AGENDA to push forward fear policies for change so they can get their money back for one. 2nd, appears to be for experimentation. Gates has asked Biden if he can block the Sun to experiment… he has investors already lined up. These so called “FIRES” that have popped up like daises in North America, many have been purposely man made and these fire colours are unusual (according to leading fire chiefs and experts). Those in the know suggest experimentation of chemical compounds being covered up by the fires while they undertake this. Different medical complaints by those exposed to these fires have arisen🤔

3. Farmland Globally being taken over by gvts. Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in the US. He has investors already for non farmers growing non farm food for future distribution 🤔

4. The WHO (financially owned by Gates through his ‘FOUNDATION’) is now having 196 countries sign off updating the IHR (int’l health regulations) on their managing OUR GLOBAL HEALTH. They have mandates that require we take vaccines whether we want to or not🤔 This IHR document is to be ratified in 2024. There are lobbyists now rising up to promote removing from the WHO ASAP!

So Peter, I HEAR YOU! Your country is deteriorating rapidly right before your eyes.

I’m from Canada and it’s happening here too. Our PM, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland (deputy PM) are THE POSTER CHILDREN for the WEF. We had one of the worst vaccine mandates (along with all 5 eyes countries).

WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK… any little or BIG WAY we can!

You are doing a great job Peter. I’m with you!!

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What do you think is the common denominator to all of these heinous acts across the world? Is it the breakdown of the family, thus, then the local governments, thus, then the entire countries? Will we - as societies - be able to decompress the anger & rage & vitriol of our own accord? Will there be a voice from the wilderness that can & will be able to calm what has been unleashed? I most certainly hope & pray so. Otherwise, I am fearful that what-may-come is dire.

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Look on the bright side. At least those funding this violence are getting what they want: Chaos and the destruction of civilised society. Why is no-one talking about this?

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