Police IGNORED child GROOMING at Oslo pride

I went undercover to find out what was going on and confronted the police.

So you have heard that ”love is love”. That the only reason they are celebrating pride is to promote acceptance and tolerance. We must simply let people love who they want.

Well, this year I went undercover at Oslo pride to find out what was going on, because I had heard there was going to be some weird things happening.

You see, they are pushing this onto kids. In fact, they had their very own ”mini pride” section where they had some drag queen called ”Elektra Puzzz” put on a show for young children. By very definition, a drag queen is sexual. It is essentially a stripper, and they are doing this for kids.

Just take a look at this from the Oslo pride website.

So I wanted to investigate if it really was as bad as they were advertising.

But I ran into a problem…

They had completely fenced everything off and even had security guards. They were putting on a drag show for small children and nobody were allowed to observe what was being done to the children.

Sounds very suspect to me…

It was worse.

What I found was nothing but blatant grooming of young children, exposing them to hyper sexualized material at a very young age.

And I noticed it was being done in a very sinister way, using things that would catch the attention of young children, meanwhile it had a much sinister meaning when you took a deeper look...

The thing is, not only did they have a “mini pride”, but there was young children everywhere. In the pride parade which saw around 85 000 people take part, I saw children everywhere I looked.

One of the most disturbing parts was when the BDSM leather fetishists walked past in some weird puppy (bestiality) outfit and walked up to a small toddler that was standing right beside me.

Freak show.
Young children brought by parents to watch.

Why did her mother bring her to this? These people are walking around with their weird kinks and putting it on display for young children, grooming these children into this.

But it gets worse…There were naked people walking right past the toddlers as well, and the police was standing just a few meters away as all this was happening.

Again, this is what was being done in PUBLIC. So what was being done behind the closed doors at the “mini pride” drag sow?

What I saw SHOCKED me.

So I decided to confront the police about it and their answer was shocking…And it’s all on video…

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