Thank you for quoting scripture. It shows that when God speaks, it all comes true.

I saw a book by a venture controller called The Changing World Order. The Bible talked about this long before this stuff became visible.

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No...no...We cannot allow this to happen!!! It's the end of freedom!

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Europe is thankfully ahead of us on this one.

We still have the ability to stop this shit.

We know which political party is trying to impose these policies.

We need to vote them out.....if we still can.


Elections (especially fraudulent ones) have consequences .......

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Also the USA:


We need to focus on the next steps of the One World Government plan, especially, about the 2024 WHO International Pandemic Treaty ( http://bit.ly/stoptreaty ), the Big Crunch (financial crash), the Global Hack... all there to push the Central Bank Digital Currencies after banning cash, tied to a digital health pass, digital ID, digital driver's license, digital access to transport (e-cars, trains, planes), digital personal carbon quotas, and digitized planetary rights embedded in the "blockchain" spending rules.

Even if you’d be a millionaire you wouldn’t be able to spend your money because of the personal carbon quota. BTW, your e-persona could be killed with a click.

There's also the nano-routers injected with the COVID shots which beam Bluetooth Low Energy codes similar to MAC addresses, tracked to a human digital ID multinational. If you go to a cemetery early in the morning, when there's no one around, you'll pick up the signals from the vaxxed dead or go to the supermarket. 5/6G is essential to this Internet of Bodies control network.

There's MUCH more:

(9 min at 2x):


( based on 2000 papers: https://bit.ly/research2000 )

Please, read this, too:


Everything failed, everything we did failed, but I think there are still 4 solutions:

1. Unforgeable real money based on real goods like gold, flour, fuel-oil, human hour, distance transported, etc. Watch Ronald Bernard on YouTube: Freemasons forge billions of dollars and Euros and with that, they create inflation (together with Government, making us poorer), buy pupeticians, multinationals, Big Pharma, etc.

Social currencies are essential to survive the 2030 digi-tatorship. I'm trying to create the Real Money Foundation to promote community currencies (especially those based on human hours and transportation). Otherwise, we'll be forced to be haccinated to avoid starvation, since without the e-wallet we won’t be able to get money for our work nor the planned “global basic income". Since there’ll be a personal carbon quota, people in the system won’t like to pay with goods which reduce their quota… not even alms!

The social currencies could be the base for a community market where people would trade the un-poisoned food they produce or get certified. We’d need $50K (a patent could be useful to block Big Tech from taking over).

2. Communication: the Big Hack will result in a new internet with complete censorship of those without the digital wallet (which means haccination). I'm exploring getsession.org : it looks fail-proof. Comments?

3. Direct Townhall Democracy (DTC), with direct spending of the government budget proportionate to each person. Freemasons infiltrate government and use its billions for their own agenda. If this is not achievable on a county scale, the social market could work as the foundation for self-government initiatives.

4. Prayer: above all, this is a spiritual battle: what we see rolling out is the physical manifestation of the spiritual world. Freemasons worship Satan for a reason.


Prof. Federico Nazar

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The Mark of the Beast... don't take it.

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Scary stuff, just purchased an update of iphone & before i set it up earlier on today, they asked me to scan my face & turning my head etc., which i did. Tomorrow am taking phone back, returning it, i hope it will be ok, i am very uncomfortable that i had to do this, scan?? Scary, but not experienced with this ID digital etc….😢😭

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Why not a microchip in your brain or heart, so we can just switch off any dissidents immediately? Why allow them to continue to live? We are getting really close to living in a bad science fiction dystopia.

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The world needs to push back. There are many more of us than them (like 7 billion minus 10,000 NWO orchestrators). People are pushing back against oppression everywhere, even in Iran!

Amazon, I'm so disappointed. I remember when it first started. Now look at it -- building the beast system.

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It`s all about controlling what and where you do your shopping and eventually it will be a social scoreboard to force you to buy from their superstores...small mom and pop entrepeneurs will not be allowed. We will have no other choice, no freedom of speech, no power.

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