Here are some I know of. One person has been suffering intense rheumatic pain in her joints after getting a booster and needs surgery. Another person (young man) had constant migraine for several months after the second dose that never went away.

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Firstly, thank you for bringing us all these articles. Was concerned about these jabs, as felt they were rushed out so tried to avoid getting any for a time. However, felt forced to take it, after a well meaning person booked my jabs for me, as I have long-term health conditions. Should have resisted, as consider myself vaccine injured. Symptoms included burning headache, pain down one side, which has lasted months, loud tinnitus & palpitations (which hadn't had before). Medical people have mostly seemed to think these are normal, will go away or dismissed these side effects. Have also had one or two telling me I need to take boosters. I've told them why would I, if I'm not over the side effects, & worry another one might kill me. Telling others about it & my concerns is apparently mis information & think I've lost a friend who didn't want to know about this & what else appears to be going on but I felt I had to warn others. Thank you again for what you do.

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Two deaths due to turbo cancers (dead within four to six months of diagnosis, one case of Parkinson's, one person now showing signs of dementia (she had a very bad headache after her second jab), several cases of cancer (not turbo), several cases of "long Covid" (variety of symptoms, which affect quality of life in some way) and more. I've lost track at this point. Almost everyone I know has had at least three jabs. It's scary and depressing.

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Yes I have had problems with Sinus Rhythm with Supra-ventricular Ectopy. It was pretty bad in ‘21 and has diminished somewhat in ‘22. I asked my cardiologist in the fall of ‘21 if this arrhythmia could have been caused by the jab. He paused a long time and said “I don’t know”. I could tell he was troubled.

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The Sweden outlier is interesting. Did they aspirate? Has anyone done analysis that includes deaths versus policy on aspiration?

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We know a young man who passed within 24 hrs of his first shot. Two people paralyzed waist down after first shot. Recovered, refusing anymore shots. One lady with long covid after shots. One person recently died one week after flu shot.

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Stopped listening to the BBC years ago. Likewise the Guardian. Pure propaganda.

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Let's hope that Robert F Kennedy Jr's lawsuit against the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) succeeds. The TNI includes the BBC, Washington Post, Reuters, and other news outlets, that have controlled news output and suppressed the other side of the news.


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UK had excess deaths up 9%, Australia (with its even higher usage of mRNA vaccines) has an excess death rate of 16%!

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The collegues and friends who refused the shots, got ill one or two times max for one of two weeks max (like ourselves).

The ones who got the shots, keep getting ill repeatedly, mostly shortly after the shots. This is a clear pattern. More and more people are stopping their next shots after they got ill from them.

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They will of course get away with this deliberate population culling DEMICIDE as long as people on our side keep propogating the myth that there is actually a so called Sars "virus" which causes the fictional new illness called COVID 19 ( I prefer to call it Stupid 19 ) to be vaccinated against . This gives the perpetrators an out as they can always claim that they may have been reckless and gone overboard in their haste to protect us . There are many medical scientists and drs who are saying this is the perfect opportunity to smash the Germ Theory fraud once and for all but by continually talking about a "virus" many on our side are partly responsible for keeping the fear porn going .This is a massive worldwide Psyop and the greatest ever crime against humanity this planet has seen , so let's please call a spade a spade and stop calling this a vaccine . It's a kill shot , PERIOD . " The welfare of the people is the excuse of tyrants " , Albert Camus.

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I believe my mum has side effects from vaccines.

A lump on the back of her knee that looks like a piece of raw meat stuck to her leg plus her hiatus hernia has become so bad that it burned her vocal chords plus she has experienced strange feelings that have made her fall over alot.

My friend has developed a enlarged heart and my 35 year old daughter is going deaf and her mental illness has worsened and she has had miscarriages.

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A friend of mine, three years post menopausal had heavy bleeding witching a week of her booster. Doctor denied any connection to the vax. I know a few people who feel unwell but can’t put their finger on the problem.

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Yes, 1 dead aunt, 1 major heart attack/quad bypass in previously healthy individual, one needs a pacemaker, plus 6 other relatives now struggling with heart and respiratory issues after booster shots. From a small family!

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I know seven people who were probably injured by the shots.

3- hospitalized shortly after taking the vax.

1- open heart surgery needed shortly after vax. No previous heart issues .

1- required by doctor to get vax before hernia surgery. Has been sick ever since.

1- previous cancer in remission. Got vax on advice of doctor. Shortly thereafter diagnosed with two brain tumors. Operation successful. Two days after returning home had to return to hospital with blood clots in/on lungs. More surgery, now home undergoing rehab.

1- ex wife, reports mysterious small seizures impairing memory after vax.

One more that I’m not sure about.

It’s the case of a cousin who had a lung transplant and died of issues related to Covid. Not sure about his vaccination status.....

Needless to say, but I’m no fan of these ‘vaccines’.......

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Close circle:

- shingles (9 months)

- tinnitus, chronic

- hairloss

- Parkinson

- hypertension

- nose bleed (for a week plus, hospital emergency)

- pots

- heart arrhythmia

- cardia arrest, 2 fatal, 2 suspected (possibly inflammation?!)

- balance issues

Correlation?!? Most I have no doubt, some could be coincidences...

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